Help Durban Review


Help Durban Review

The Durban Review Project is run by volunteers from around the world who care about human rights issues. Volunteers like you. You can help the in one of four ways:

Write for us!

Much of the content on the Durban Review website is produced by volunteers. If you have a special interest in one of the human rights themes and are interested in writing an article for the site please let us know.

All content on the site goes through a strict editorial and legal review process run by profeshionals who are working with the projects. Our editor has the final say on content, both on what is accepted and on any editorial changes. There is no payment for articles, but you will be listed as the author and your work will contribute in the fight against racism.

Share your research / Promote your issues

Previously published content is also accepted from authors, academics and human rights organisations who have specialised in one or more of the human rights themes. A number of such organisations have provided with permission to reproduce any material from their sites that our volunteers consider relevant. In the case of existing material we will always provide a link to the original source and acknowledge authorship.

If you have specific material you would like us to consider, please e-mail the content or a link to us and along with a statement that you would be happy for us to publish / reproduce it.

Endorse the site

If you have a message of support, or wish to congratulate the volunteers on their work, why not drop us an e-mail? Endorsements from human rights campaigners, community groups, unions, academics, politicians, and other organisations and groups are welcome and may be displayed om the site.

Spread the word

Each time you share the Durban Review site with others you help us promote the message of universal human rights, free from politics. Mentions and links on blogs and websites, in e-mails, newsletters and on social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube all help. If you do mention, let us know!