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Statement by the Foreign Ministry of Uruguay

The following is a translation of statement by the Foreign Ministry of Uruguay:

Uruguay participated actively at the Durban Review Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination Xenophobia and various forms of Intolerance held last week in Geneva, Switzerland.

Despite divergent points of view of the delegations, the Conference achieved by consensus a Declaration which comprises the future activities for the fulfillment of its aims, within terms which are substantively better than those resulting from Durban I.

However, the statements made on that occasion by the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadnejad – among them putting in doubt the undeniable tragedy of the holocaust – were in opposition to the principles, aims and endeavors of the international community in its struggle against racism and racial discrimination, and for that reason the Government of Uruguay refutes them unequivocally.

The holocaust, which causes mourning and shame to humanity as a whole, is a historical fact which cannot be denied or minimized, and much less be forgotten, and continues to shock universal sensitivity and

The Government of Uruguay reiterates its commitment to continue working actively in defense of human rights in all imaginable dimensions.